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If you’ve logged onto Twitter this afternoon, you will be reading about speculation surrounding Christian Pulisic’s future at Chelsea for the second day running.

Yesterday I brushed it off as pure speculation, today has made me read a bit more in to it due to the source. The main man Fabrizio Romano.

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He unveiled the update via his Here We Go Podcast today.

Whilst there is probably something to this now, I still believe this is largely speculation as it stands.

If things stay as they are and Pulisic is only left with a few minutes off the bench at the end of matches, then I will agree we could stat hearing more about his future.

However, things can change and there is still a lot of the season left yet.

Just look at how fast things have changed for the likes of Andreas Christensen, Antonio Rudiger, Marcos Alonso, and even Jorginho in the last 10 matches. All of these players you would have been quite sure to be leaving the club this summer if Frank Lampard was still in charge.

But now, I really have no idea if they will stay or leave.

Thomas Tuchel could decide to give Pulisic a run in the team, and if he takes those chances, plays well, cements a regular place in the side until the end of the season, it is a different story altogether once again.

These stories are easy to write at the moment, as is the same with Hakim Ziyech. But things can change and there is a lot of time for them to do so.


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