Fatigued Manchester United maintained high attacking pressure vs West Ham

Manchester United may have not looked dangerous in their attacks vs West Ham but the statistics suggest they did better than initially anticipated.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men won 1-0 but didn’t even score the goal that won them the clash, with Craig Dawson unluckily conceding an own goal.

United weren’t toothless but seemed, as they so often have lately, to lack that last little bit of quality that makes the difference between goals scored and goals almost scored.

Solskjaer’s stars even looked fatigue and so there were no massive expectations they would thrash an otherwise in-form West Ham side.

However, the statistic below suggests they should have done better and perhaps could have tallied up the goals in the win.

It seems despite West Ham opting to play defensively, they were actually more open than most might have felt they were.

It’s also a little frustrating for fans to see that Manchester United managed to have such a high conversion rate and yet not really twist the knife into the London club.

After all, they put nine past Southampton and the conversion rate then wasn’t that much better so it is a little strange.

The match wasn’t one supporters would say was above average in an attacking sense and yet the statistic points out that was the case.

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