April 19, 2021

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LaLiga: Extraordinary disciplinary procedure launched to get to the bottom of Cala-Diakhaby case

The Competition Commission of the Spanish Football Federation has launched an extraordinary disciplinary procedure to respond to the insult Juan Cala of Cadiz towards Valencia’s Mouctar Diakhaby.

This comes after studying and receiving the report of Valence, as well as the case presented by the Integrity Committee in which it was considered that a serious racist insult had been declared.

Journalist Isaac Fouto said that an extraordinary case has thus been opened which will examine the procedure and ultimately decide whether or not there will be a suspension imposed on him. Cala.

As of yet, there is no evidence other than the accusation of Diakhaby and Valence.

The Competition Committee is now tasked with finding out all the facts, as the respective accounts of Cala and Diakhaby do not match.

In fact, Cala defended his innocence at a press conference in which he even said that Diakhaby was wrong.

“I don’t know if Diakhaby made it up, if he misinterpreted it? I don’t know,” Cala said.

The league take steps to find a conclusion to the investigation. They sent the audio of the match to a specialist company who will clean up any noise they can and improve the sound when the attack is said to have taken place.