April 19, 2021

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7 minutes to name 18 Liverpool players who scored on their debut since 1992! – Liverpool FC

Making your Liverpool debut is memorable in itself, but add a goal to the mix and your name is added to a glamorous list. A total of 18 Reds have done just that since 1992.

It’s something every player will dream of and only a handful of people will see it come to fruition, relaunching life at their club with a goal is one way to marvel at fans.

It’s harder said than done, however, and since 1992 the Reds have seen 18 players find the net in their debut in all competitions.

And one, in particular, would only play this game for the club – talk about an effective strike rate.

Some will stand out in your mind while others may not have stood the test of time, but there are a number of longtime players on the roster alongside a few unsuspecting names.

We’ve given you the players’ position and the year they made their debut to help you out, as well as the total number of appearances in their Liverpool careers – some of which are ongoing.

Good luck!

The clock is set for 7 minutes and you have 18 players to name!

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