April 19, 2021

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Magogo’s detailed plan to revive Uganda after unsuccessful Chan, Afcon qualifying runs

The director of the local FA has detailed a path he intends to undertake in order to strengthen the national team

Federation of Ugandan Football Associations president Moses Magogo explained how they plan to revive the national team.

Uganda failed to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations final in Cameroon in 2022 after also having a poor run at the African Nations Championship. The official now has sweeping detailed plans that will usher in a new era.

The last two qualifiers – against Burkina Faso and Malawi – were overseen by coaches Abdallah Mubiru, Livingstone Mbabazi and Fred Kajoba after Johnathan McKinstry was asked to step down. Magogo did not expressly say whether the plans would involve a reshuffle of the technical bench, as he only addressed issues related to the unit of play.

“We are going to start a new round of reconstruction of Ugandan cranes,” Magogo said, quoted by the Fufa website. “It is indeed true that we had a team. It is true that the team performed. It is true that the players get tired. The teams are formed by cycles.

“We have taken into account the young aspiring players. Some results might not be good at the start. The rebuilding process will see some players selected for the senior squad.”

Magogo distanced himself from Afcon’s unsuccessful qualification process as he said he would prefer to be judged on different aspects while serving as the director of the Ugandan FA.

“It is unfortunate that we did not qualify for the Afcon final for the third time in a row,” he added. “When I got into this office, I said I didn’t want to be judged on qualifying. I want to be judged by creating systems that help develop the game in the country.

“Even the best teams in the world win or lose some matches. What you do is go back and do loss analysis and react to get the best football results.

“There are five key factors that help achieve successful football results and they are: infrastructure, coaches, players, logistics and motivation.”

Recently, Magogo had registered his dissatisfaction with the critics who, according to him, try to paint the picture of a failed federation.

“The story has to be told in a way that people understand where football comes from in this country and where it is going,” said the executive member of Caf.

“Recently we have observed individuals distorting the energies that Fufa has gathered to move football in the right direction. Some of them are players, coaches and some are in the media.”

“When I talk about the state of football from our perspective when my administration took office in 2013, football was in a state of recovery after the previous eight years we have helped it achieve that state.”