April 19, 2021

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are reports of a Man United clear-out realistic?

Manchester United could look to take advantage of seven players this summer to raise nearly £ 70million in transfer fees, according to The Express.

In a speculative article, journalist Lewis Winter identified David de Gea, Diogo Dalot, Phil Jones, Nemanja Matic, Jesse Lingard, Andreas Pereira and Juan Mata as potential sales.

Winter used player market values ​​on Transfermarkt.com to arrive at potential fees, putting De Gea at £ 19.8million, Dalot at £ 9million, Jones at £ 4.5million, Matic at £ 9million, Lingard at £ 13.5million, Pereira at £ 7.65million and Mata at £ 5.4million, for a total of £ 68.85million.

There are problems right away with the logic on which the article is based. Recent reports claim United are seeking £ 50million and £ 30million respectively for De Gea and Lingard, well above those values ​​from Transfermarkt. De Gea’s long contract and £ 375,000 a week’s salary are also a complication. They are also unlikely to let Dalot go for £ 9million as they will feel he has the potential to become a top full-back and has two more years left on his United contract. .

Matic has recently signed a new contract and it is unlikely to find a club at this point in his career that will achieve an asking price of £ 9million and his salary of £ 120,000 per week. Jones would also have a hard time ordering any kind of transfer fee after his prolonged and ongoing injury issues, especially given his £ 75,000-a-week salary.

Mata’s contract expires in June, so he can leave the club as a free agent. If United were to trigger the one-year extension in his contract, then they could demand a transfer fee for him, but the buying club would then have to match his salary of £ 160,000 per week, which seems like a tall order.

The article also does not mention Paul Pogba, who will have to be sold this summer if a new contract cannot be made. His contract extension has already been triggered, so it’s now or never if United have to avoid losing him on a free transfer for the second time.

It is almost certain that there will be a number of departures this summer and a large part of United’s transfer activity could be in the outgoing department. But the Red Devils are highly unlikely to lose seven first-team members in a window, especially at the prices shown in Winter’s article.