April 19, 2021

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“He has an X factor” – everything you need to know about Anthony Elanga

Manchester United is known for producing excellent prospects in his academy. Anthony Elanga is the latest talent from their conveyor belt.

Ilanga traveled with United for the Europa League quarter-final against Granada and could become the last player to make his debut under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

We’ve brought you the lowdown on the highly rated Teenager.

who is he?

The son of the former Cameroonian left-back Joseph Elanga, Anthony was born in Sweden in April 2002, and moved to England with his family in 2013.

He caught his attention at first while he was playing for the Sunday League team Hattersley before joining the United U-12 team.

After scoring seven goals in nine matches for the U-18 team in the 2019-20 season, Ilanga won the prestigious United Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year award.

He has yet to make a competitive debut with the first team but J.I was a second-half substitute in the pre-season friendly match against Aston Villa in September 2020.

The 18-year-old made a constant streak to the U-23 side this season and has reached out to him Six goals and two saves in 12 Premier League matches Before suffering a collarbone injury in January 2021.

He signed a new long-term contract at Old Trafford in March 2021, and was added to the Europa League squad a few weeks later.

Ilanga was also crowned with the Sweden U-17 national team, where he participated in five matches and scored two goals.

where is he playing

Ilanga He plays mostly on the left winger for United Under-23 club but has also been used across the board and through the middle as the No.9.

Renowned for his blazing speed and impressive skills, the winger He causes problems for the full back with his ability to handle players, but can also cut inside and shoot with his strong right foot.

Whereas his fellow Academy graduate Marcus Rashford currently has it Start the turn on the left sideHe’s been plagued by injury problems this season, which He could give Ilanga a chance to share his claim in the first team.

What did he say

– “You look at the likes of Mason and Rashi, there is a road there,” Ilanga said Palestinian Authority News Agency In November 2020. “It just shows you that if you are willing to put the work into it and keep working hard day in and day out, there is a path for you there.

“Obviously, we have a manager in Olli who trusts the youth, so there is a road there and I have to keep working hard.

“I work at work day in and day out. If you keep going that way, keep up the hard work, and I hope there is a way there.

“I will always be better. In training, I always work hard and the way I train is the way I play. You can see that in the results and I am only happy at the moment, I enjoy football.”

– “My dad used to play with him [Samuel Eto’o] He always said he was an example to follow, the way he was on the court. “

“We play in similar positions – he used to play the left striker or the right winger – and Thierry Henry was doing the same thing, so maybe the two people I used to look at until they grew up.

“My dad is the reason why I fell in love with football, really. I remember watching him. He was a left back. He was fast – obviously I’m faster! – but he was a really good player.”

Ilanga said, “Thierry Henry was my role model and I tried to match my game with his game.” Sportsman in October 2020. “He was fast. He could play anywhere across the three fronts – forward, left wing, right wing – and that’s how I want to repeat my game.”

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What they said

– “Anthony will be on the team, he will be on the bench,” Solshire said before United’s match against Granada in April 2021. “He was touched when he was training with us.

“He was very unlucky two or three months ago when he got a bad injury and worked so hard to get back because he was due to move to the first team at that time.

“He has an X factor, some qualities. He is not like a gift, but he has acceleration, speed, speed. This is given to the wings and he has the qualities that I love.

“He’s a winger who is scoring goals, he’s confident, loves to beat men, with right foot and left foot, and has a great attitude.

“He’s not just around for the experience, he’s willing to play a role if he has to.”

Nick Cox, President of the Academy: “He’s an exciting player and scored some great goals for the U-18 team last season” United’s official website in September 2020.

“Off the field, Anthony is extremely dedicated and always puts the maximum effort, whether it’s his education, his training or his recovery work, and that’s exactly what we want to see from our young players.

“On the field, he’s getting more consistent, regularly demonstrating his pace, flair and finish, while also improving his work rate.”

– ”Anthony should focus on the U-23 team. Neil Wood, the U-23 coach, told the Manchester Evening News in September 2020 that he is enjoying tremendous speed, ready to run in the back and is tactically very conscious in and out of the ball.

What you see there is a boy who sees the light of the first team and wants to get there and will work every day to try to get himself in it. ”

“Anthony is one of our toughest workers,” Neil Wood told The Athletic in October 2020. He’s desperate for improvement and desperately needs to know. He watches videos of all the top players, wants to learn from all the top players and is the first to do a job Extra after training.

“You can see the endeavor and the rate of action, we just need to organize it with its control and its compound action around the edge of the box. We need it to achieve a goal or help when it gets into dangerous locations.”

“He knows he has to be quieter in these situations, and this is an ongoing process, but he is always ready to receive information. He is a player you can sit down with and have a really good conversation about football.”

Gary Neville He described Elanga as a “nightmare to play against” and described his goal as a “Thierry-Henry-esque” while commenting on United’s 6-0 U-21s victory over Salford City in the Premier League Cup in September 2020.

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