April 19, 2021

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Real Madrid – La Liga: Vinicius proves doubters wrong

Vinicius Junior has been criticized several times over the past two years. The Brazilian has received all kinds of ridicule and offensive comparisons, in an attempt to poke fun at a player who has never done a bad thing to anyone. Despite everything, he focused on the task ahead.

The EX-Flamengo the player has everything against him. He had the support of the club and was on top of everything that was being said about him. He came to doubt everything and everyone, but instead of sinking, but he decided to fight and fight to get his head first and then his whole body out of that hole he was in. saw after being originally congratulated by all, for publicly mocking. .

His performance against Liverpool Tuesday night was just fantastic. He struggled with injuries and struggled to get into the first team for Zinedine Zidanethe return – instead of having to look on the sidelines.

From a star, he became consumable at only 19 years old. He hesitated and spent weeks unsure of where he would end up, but convinced skeptics that it was worth playing for Los Blancos.

It may sound like a cliché, but there is no doubt Vinicius devote many hours of dedication to seeking to improve yourself, regain confidence, and prove the skeptics wrong. But he also knows that things can change very quickly in football and that another story begins on Saturday with El Clasico.