April 19, 2021

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The artist creates the portrait of Lionel Messi with rice

An artist shared a video showing an incredible work of art by Lionel Messi made entirely from fried rice, showcasing his talent.

Shared on Instagram by the official FC Barcelona account, the clip can let you say wow multiple times.

The video, initially shared by designer Alissa on her Insta Art of Fried Rice page, shows her creating a portrait of the Barcelona striker.

The clip begins with Alissa throwing a board full of rice into the air so as to take Messi’s perfect form.

Watch the video:

Shared on March 29, the clip garnered over 13.4 million views and tons of comments. People were delighted to see the incredible work of art.

While some praised the precise portrayal of the popular soccer player, others couldn’t help but point out the patience and precision required to create this art.