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We all remember the reactions we had when Thiago Silva went down injured after making a key interception against Tottenham some four weeks ago.

Personally I had a blast of fear shoot through my body, genuinely thinking that we would now be screwed and hoping that it was nothing serious.

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Well, it wasn’t supposed to be serious, and none of us expected him to be out this long.

But that blast of fear that I initially felt has dispersed, and that is purely down to a surprise but excellent run of form from the man who is now being called ‘The Danish Maldini,’ Andreas Christensen.

If anyone tries to tell you that they rated Christensen as one of our best defenders just some five weeks ago, they will be lying.

Christensen, although showing a lot of promise over the years, has never cemented down a regular spot in the Chelsea line up and he never showed the desire and consistency to do so. He often looked weak-minded.

However, these last four weeks he has proven a lot of people wrong, including myself. He has turned into a different beast entirely, and he is playing with bags of confidence and swagger. But most of all, perfect calmness.

As I said, the former Chelsea academy graduate has always showed a lot of promise, but he has continued to disappoint the fan base up until now; as a player once labelled the next John Terry, yet we have only ever seen shadows of that.

But the fact that Thomas Tuchel has just told us that Thiago Silva is out injured for yet another game against Atletico Madrid tomorrow, I did not even have a shade of panic knowing the form and confidence we are seeing from our very own Maldini right now!

Long may it continue!

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