April 19, 2021

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Howey denounces Shelvey’s lack of effort

In an exclusive interview with Football FanCast, Steve Howey, who has made 150 appearances for Newcastle United, has criticized Jonjo Shelvey for his lack of pace of work and effort when he doesn’t have the ball.

Shelvey has long been praised for his passing ability, especially his ability to play long balls, but this season his long pass success rate is 58.1%, which doesn’t even place him in the top 10. in Newcastle.

The midfielder has started the third-most appearances for Newcastle in the Premier League with outfielders with 20 or more starts, as well as never being substituted in the league, raising a question about his presence within the team if he is one of the constants when the Magpies are not functioning properly.

Speaking on Shelvey’s poor performance off the ball as well as his talent on the ball, Howey said FFC:

“I have looked him for a during and he is terrible to follow-up a runner. If he is in front by someone and they pass this behind them then he does not Track their.

“Onot the Ball, he is very well, he is a tidy player and a had well capacity, but you need at to do both and probably After of the ugly Things when you are in this kind of situation.

“When he gets the bullet he must Make this count and Display his quality. however, at the moment, Newcastle are get neither of him.

To underline the £ 70,000-a-week midfielder’s lack of effort on the defensive side of the game, he has the second-worst hit rate when hitting the ball, beaten only by Ryan Fraser who started 11 games less than Shelvey .

Newcastle United need players who can fight for them as they are in the middle of a relegation with Fulham just two points behind them.