April 19, 2021

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Everton’s forgotten man vows to return before a full comeback

Everton’s forgotten man Jean-Philippe Gebamin has vowed to show the reason for his contract with Tovez, with a possible full comeback on cards next week.

Gbamin missed the best part of two years due to the injury, as Ivorian had a hamstring problem in 2019.

The midfielder then suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, delaying his return even further.

Despite all his troubles, Gebamin returned to the field on Monday night when he faced Everton’s Crystal Palace.

The 25-year-old was introduced in the 79th minute and while looking somewhat uncomfortable, he managed to get a few minutes under his belt.

With Andre Gomez injured during that match, Gebamin could start the clash with Brighton & Hove Albion on Monday.

Before that match, Gbamin pledged to show everyone why the club paid £ 25m for his services in 2019.

“Yeah, it was tough, but I never got my head out – I was still working hard to get it back,” Gabamin explained to Liverpool Echo.

“He. She [the injury in May] It was a difficult moment. But I do have a son, so I had a good balance throughout my long-term injury to spend time with him.

“This helped me keep my head elevated and think about other things.

“No, it is not easy [being out for so long]But I now have three years left on my contract, so I’ll explain why they bought me.

“This is my goal – I will work hard in training and show that I can start some matches.

“But we have to be a little bit patient as well because after two years of injury, it was never easy.”

SL View – Will Gbamin be a Fixture at Everton?

As stated in a previous opinion piece on Gabamin’s return, the Ivorian could be a key to unlocking Carlo Ancelotti’s exemplary system.

The defensive midfielder can be deployed as an “anchor” in front of the defense, allowing other midfielders such as Alan and Abdullah Doukkor to move forward.

Everton does not currently have another such player and he has struggled in midfield this season for this reason.

Alan was often asked to play this position but he did not seem comfortable, and his interference was relatively weak.

The signing of Gabamin could now allow the Brazilian to go ahead often – something that Napoli benefited from during their time in Serie A.

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