April 19, 2021

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Hasenhuttl hails game-changing deal at Southampton and sends clear message

Ralph Hasenhuttl has praised Southampton’s new sponsorship deal and believes it gives him a chance to sign players who can make a difference.

Saints announced Thursday that it has entered into a new sponsorship agreement with its current partners, Coingaming Group. And they say it’s the most lucrative deal in their history. The deal means their brand, Sportbet.io, will adorn Southampton’s shirts for three more seasons.

The record-breaking sponsorship deal will increase the club’s chances of achieving its goals this summer. And Hasenhuttl did nothing to reveal the importance of the news.

“For us, this is a very important matter. It’s a long-term deal with a clear message, ”he said. “It was absolutely necessary because we lose a lot of money every month, because of the pandemic and because there are no supporters on the pitch.

“It is very helpful for us to have partners that we can trust and that was a big step for us.”

The saints are not yet safe after a sad second half of the campaign. But recent victories over Sheffield United and Burnley to have gave them some room to breathe.

Injuries have decimated the Austrian squad in 2020-2021 and he can’t wait to fix that.

“This deal definitely gives us a chance to invest in the players we need next season,” he added. “We have a few positions where we have big problems and big problems, and that will give us more alternatives to look around.”

Hasenhuttl envisions early days of business

The norm for clubs is to wait until the end of the wnidow to get some good deals. However, the pandemic means finances are tight in the football world.

Therefore, clubs will be forced to make deals when they emerge and Hasenhuttl expects a busy offseason.

“The transfer summer is going to be hot, of course, and I’m expecting some big moves,” he continued. “There are a lot of teams that are struggling financially and you can get a good deal early on.”

Concerns had been raised that a gambling company was the club’s main sponsor. But the manager was quick to point out that Sportsbet.io had an excellent reputation for promoting reasonable gambling.

“I know the company is dealing with these issues and I know there have been discussions about taking a betting company as the main sponsor of the shirt,” he said.

“But to get such a deal done at this time of the pandemic, in a situation where a lot of teams are struggling to get sponsorships because of the economy, we can be happy about it.”

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