Liverpool become first club to use revolutionary new stats analysis – Liverpool FC

Liverpool have become the first club to sign up for a revolutionary new statistical analysis tool which is seen as the next step for football.

The Reds have been known to leave no stone unturned in their quest for success since Jurgen Klopp arrived, with equally significant off-field investments.

Liverpool’s hierarchy relishes the use of quantifiable data in everything they do, from transfers to match day preparation and across the business side of the club.

Using data alone is not enough to gain a competitive advantage as it is the ability to interpret it, which the Reds have long prioritized, as shown by the work of Michael Edwards and Ian Graham – director of the research.

And having already revolutionized the approach to football analysis by having a four-man research team, Liverpool are looking to take the next step with StatsBomb 360, as Sky Sports reports.

The Reds are already existing users of the data provider, but have signed up for its new level of analysis, which involves allowing clubs to track every player on the pitch for every event that takes place in the competition, which numbers by thousands.

This could include the distribution of line break passes, where players receive the ball, their movement in space, how they handle pressure and their decision making, for example.

And it can also “transform our understanding of expected goals when applied to shots” into more of a database that can show examples of various players in a chosen game situation and how they react.

The Complex Level of Detail can then be used to create a profile for a player who needs to be substituted on a squad or used to assess potential targets and how they match the needs of the squad – or even when looking for one. manager.

With Liverpool known for working on a tight transfer budget, using the data tool can provide a deeper look at a player and how he can expect him to assimilate into Klopp’s style, allowing players who can fly under the radar to stand out. the dataset.

This could lead to “ windfall ” transfers, with lower data-driven risk, as opposed to flashy names that will demand high fees, and after the pandemic hits, that will be more important than ever.

“The opportunities are truly limitless,” says StatsBomb Founder and CEO, with Ted Knutson and Liverpool being one of the first to take the plunge, another sign of their desire to be one step ahead of those who hold them. surround.

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