May 10, 2021

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Peter Schmeichel is wrong about Jürgen Klopp – and Carragher told him this

Jurgen Klopp will not leave Liverpool and join Bayern Munich this summer.

We can guarantee very much greatly.

The German is loyal to us and most importantly, he has a contract until 2024 – and he is forbidden to be fired – which certainly won’t happen – when he will leave – not now.

Peter Schmeichel tried to describe a possible situation he’s in, but that’s not going to happen.

“Think about this scenario. Let’s play with the idea that Hans-Dieter Flick takes over the German job, which is not important,” Schmeichel said. CBS Sports Wednesday night.

“Then Bayern need a new coach and he has offered Jürgen Klopp this job before. This is the absolute supreme job.

“It is a top job in his country. You say he will never leave Liverpool to work in Germany. But will he leave it to Bayern Munich?”

Jimmy Carragher agrees with us.

Carragher replied, “He may leave when his contract expires but I don’t think he will violate his contract.”

“In his two previous jobs, he would always quit when his contract expired. He’s been out and has mentioned it publicly for the last week or so.

“I was just imagining that he would stick to his word. He wanted to improve the season that Liverpool have achieved this season.”

We are glad that the nonsense about Klopp’s departure has subsided.

Remember, there was this weekend as rumors about him walking around were spreading about WhatsApp …

Now, we are in the Champions League quarter-finals, and although we are not the favorites to win the first four places – that is possible.

After 20 days of break, we need to start winning and keep winning until the summer.