‘He is lacking so much’ – Man Utd fan Usain Bolt offers his take on Solskjaer, Fred and Bruno Fernandes

A man with eight Olympic gold medals continued to closely monitor events at Old Trafford during the 2020-2021 campaign.

Manchester United fan Usain Bolt knows what it takes to be the best, as a man with eight Olympic gold medals under his belt, and he has taken a look at the events at Old Trafford in 2020 -2021.

The Red Devils are on the job, although they are making their way into the race for major honors, and there are still several hurdles to overcome before the glories of the past are rekindled.

Bolt offered his take on leading figures on and off the pitch, with the Jamaican sprinter hoping that the solid foundation currently being put in place can be built by the players and coaches.

What was said?

Bolt said CNN when asked if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a long-term future as United boss: “If he changes he’s too nice.

“That’s the only thing I can say, he’s too nice. He never really says anything bad about a player, even if he doesn’t play well and that’s the only thing, but if he changes and really puts pressure on the players you see what I want say, call them sometimes when they haven’t really made it all go through with it, so I feel like he should stay because he’s cool and the fans love him.

He added on those for whom he would seek improvements in the next transfer window: “I think Fred shouldn’t be in midfield. I think he misses him so much. He’s working hard, but he lacks passing and he gives a lot of cheap fouls in bad areas.

“We really need more attackers, someone who is really a pure attacker.

“I think [Edinson] Cavani needs to play more. I really feel like as long as he’s in good shape he should be on the pitch, you know what I mean, and overall I think we just need to put pressure on all the players. I feel like they’re so comfortable now because they know they’re going to start.

“If you are sure of your place then you are not playing as hard as you should be. So it’s just one of those things that I think needs to change and everything will be fine.

On the Red Devils talisman Bruno Fernandes, Bolt said: “He’s exceptional, but it worries me that if Bruno doesn’t play we look fragile, we don’t look like a football team, you See what I mean.

“He has to play in every game, but I love his energy, I love that he always wants to play, even though we’re leading by 10, he wants to be on the pitch and that’s how players should be; he always wants to be on the pitch, always wants to do well and always pushes himself to be the best version of himself.

“If he continues at this rate, I feel like maybe next season, when he has a lot more players around him, I hope different forwards, he’s going to be great, because that going to be less pressure. You have a lot more room to move around and do more. So if he continues like this, he will be exceptional.

The big picture

United remain on the hunt for a top-four spot in the Premier League, alongside efforts in the FA Cup and Europa League.

Continental action is next on the agenda, a trip to AC Milan on Thursday with the last 16 heavyweight game locked at 1-1.

Attention will then shift to national cup issues on Sunday and the quarter-final clash with Leicester.

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