Jose Mourinho ‘completely saddened’ and questions players’ attitude in brutally honest assessment of Tottenham

Jose Mourinho made a desperate figure after admitting his Tottenham players failed to lay the groundwork during their disastrous exit from the Europa League.

Leading 2-0 in the first leg against Dinamo Zagreb, Tottenham seemed to be a safe bet to progress.

However, a great hat trick from Mislav Orsic has reserved Zagreb’s place in the quarter-finals and ensured one of the worst nights in recent Tottenham history.

Asked for his thoughts on their defeat, Mourinho gave a brutally honest assessment.

“There was only one team that left everything on the pitch,” Mourinho said. BT Sport. “They left blood, sweat and even tears at the end. It was not my team. They were very humble, I must congratulate them.

“I went to the Zagreb locker room to congratulate them. Very humble. Very humble.

“On the other side, my team, it didn’t seem like an important game. For me it was, every game is important. And for every Tottenham home fan, every game matters. It matters.

“Saying that I feel sad is not enough, all emotions are left out.

“I’m really sorry my team didn’t win. We’ve lost. It was based on attitude, based on compromise and I feel very sad.

“Football is not just about the quality of the teams, it is much more than that. It’s all about attitude and that’s how they beat us.

“Often I don’t share my fears with my players. But tonight I did. I told them at half-time (at 0-0) and again full-time before extra time, there was a risk (of going out).

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Mourinho thanks Hoddle for his criticism

Mourinho admitted his side did not show up, but refused to throw individuals under a bus.

“I won’t say it on camera,” he said in response to a question about the departure of some players following the performance.

“I am disappointed with our attitude. And I’m sorry that my team is the team that didn’t bring the basics of football and the basics of life. It’s our job to give it our all. Tonight we didn’t.

Glenn hoddle had called Tottenham’s performance “diabolical”.

Asked what he said, Mourinho admitted that he understood what he was feeling, but did not need to say it.

On Hoddle’s criticism, Mourinho added: “I respect him, he’s a club legend. But I don’t need his words, I feel completely sad.

“I have respect for Hoddle of course and what he says, but tonight I think we have to accept. I don’t need external criticism because I feel deeply hurt.

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