Slavia Prague racially abused Kamara, claims Gerrard after Rangers’ Europa League defeat

Rangers coach Steven Gerrard said midfielder Glen Kamara told him he was racially abused by Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela in Thursday’s Europa League final game, a claim supported by Gerrard with “100%” confidence given the confidence he has in his player.

A scuffle broke out between the sides in the last five minutes after Kudela appeared to whisper something in Kamara’s ear.

The tie had already been effectively decided by then, with the Rangers at nine men and 3-1 on aggregate.

What did Gerrard say?

“I feel angry,” Gerrard told reporters. “It’s hard to describe how I feel now because I know Glen and trust him 100%. It is extremely disappointing.

“Glen Kamara is for me one of mine. I 100% believe what he says in terms of the accusation.

“Other players around him have heard it so I will be face to face with Glen Kamara and deal with it but Glen wants to face it. I am proud of all my players who show solidarity and top to bottom, we are with the players.

“This situation is now over for UEFA. I just hope it doesn’t get under the rug.

“All I can confirm is that my player tells me he was racially abused. I tried to call Glen during the game, he didn’t come. I was going to ask him if he wanted to leave the field and I would have supported him whatever his decision was, but the players stayed on the field, it was their decision and the game ended. “

How did Slavia Prague react?

“Slavia are categorically opposed to Ondrej Kudela racistically insulting the players’ opponents in any way,” Slavia chairman Jaroslav Tvrdik wrote in a statement. “This tells us that our player was physically attacked after the game. At Slavia’s request, the case was resolved by the local police. We would like to see a detailed investigation of the whole situation by UEFA. “

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