Declan Rice comment leaves Manchester United fans excited

Manchester United fans might find it difficult to contain their excitement after a huge target from them posted some sort of congratulatory message on Harry Maguire’s social media.

Declan Rice, recently seen in a post-match conversation with ex-Leicester City man and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is a player many fans would love to see at Old Trafford.

The West Ham star looked impressive in the clash against United even after his side lost the game, such was his encouraging performance.

There were those who got carried away and felt that Maguire and Solskjaer must have convinced him to join him after the loss, but it was likely that it was just friendly discussions.

Nonetheless, Rice has clear qualities that would suit the Red Devils and it’s safe to assume fans will like him to be comfortable with the club’s current captain.

Rice is believed to be priced at a low of £ 80million which is a remarkably large sum even outside of the current financial crisis most clubs are facing.

If Manchester United had no other goals it might have been a somewhat realistic deal, but given how a right winger, center-back and right-back are also supposed to be on the radar, he seems unlikely that the club will spend this kind of fee on any player.

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