Jose Mourinho hasn’t been special in years

It’s a well-worn routine that’s been repeated at clubs time and time again, but they still fall for the perceived prestige that Jose Mourinho brings to the dressing room.

Soon unmasked, however, the reality now, as then, is that the Portuguese have long been “special”.

Not quite the dinosaur that some sections of the media would have you believe he is, Mourinho, nonetheless, does not belong to any club that seeks to be progressive and forward thinking.

After Tottenham are kicked out of the Europa League, tick the first act of the Mourinho show.

Jose Mourinho was scathing from his Tottenham side following their loss to Dinamo Zagreb

When his teams win, everything revolves around him. When they lose, blame the players. Their lack of character, desire and will to win.

This is his stock in the trade and normally by the third management season his players have had enough and in general terms stop playing for him.

It happened to Chelsea in their second spell, it happened to Manchester United and, faster than usual, it happened to Spurs.

Even Hugo Lloris was forced to admit in a post-match interview that there were problems in the dressing room.

This is where Mourinho excels of course. Now it’s just a matter of how long he has to wait for another big payout before licking his wounds and playing the same old song elsewhere.

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