Trent “destroyed” the fall of England; Klopp is confused, but he will raise his chin off the ground

Team England ads are barely getting coverage on EOTK. After all, whatever the England team represents to us is an opportunity for our players to get injured – even though we are in the big leagues – we clearly want to see Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold and others do a good job.

Yesterday, however, there was a major controversy as Gareth Southgate canceled the latter from his recent list – preferring Reese James, Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier.

For many Reds, that’s really a positive, as Trent will have a much-needed three-week break – but the player himself hurts being overlooked – as expected – while his club manager feels in the dark.

“There will be no celebration from Jurgen Klopp. He knows how much it means for England to represent his dynamic right-back, who is understood to be shattered by losing his 26-man Southgate squad. Now Klopp will be tasked with lifting his chin off the ground,” James Pearce wrote in The Athletic.

“Southgate’s interpretation that Alexander Arnold paid the price for a downturn at a time when James and Trippier were enjoying” exceptional seasons “is definitely inconsistent with the way Klopp and his team see things.”

Southgate’s explanation was nonsense, too – referring to Trent as an indecent young player.

He’s 22 years old, but he’s also the best right-back on the planet … If Southgate plays wing back, there is definitely no one better in world football.

However, it’s his loss – and Trent will fight his way back.

If only Scotland had had the same situation with Andy Robertson and they could have had a long break!

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