Graham Roberts and Jimmy O’Hara commented on Tottenham’s lack of leadership

Graham Roberts expressed his frustration on Twitter after Tottenham Hotspur were knocked out of the European League on Thursday night.

Despite leading in the first leg 2-0, and was 0-0 in the first half in Croatia, Tottenham somehow managed to destroy themselves as they ended up losing 3-0 in the night, with Meslav Ursic scoring a remarkable hat-trick.

Roberts, the former Tottenham player, posted a series of tweets last night. He noted that it was a “totally unacceptable” performance from North Londoners and that there was no leadership on the field.

Another former Tottenham player who became a famous football expert, Jimmy O’Hara shared the same sentiment. It is a “separable crime,” he added.

He recalled that it was one of Tottenham’s worst performances in European matches.

“It was horrific. No coolness. No leadership,” O’Hara said.

Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris did not utter the words after the final whistle, saying the exit was a “disgrace” and every player should feel responsible for it.

Jose Mourinho indicated that he had warned his players of a potential threat from the hosts at the break.

Harry Kane came close to scoring twice but each time he was brilliantly blocked by Dynamo goalkeeper Dominic Livakovic.

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