Lloris reveals deep-rooted issues at Spurs in lengthy briefing after EL disaster

Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris admitted he was unsure whether the friendliness in the dressing room remained intact after their exit from the Europa League.

Spurs crashed on stage 16 on Thursday after a 3-0 loss to Dinamo Zagreb.

Jose Mourinho’s men had a two-goal lead in the first leg, but they surrendered in Croatia. On the other hand, Mislav Orsic’s hat-trick made Zagreb fully deserve its comeback.

Speaking after the game, Mourinho insisted he warned his players twice about the risks of losing. As such, he questioned the attitude and commitment of his players, saying they failed to make their bases.

However, goalkeeper Lloris offered a revealing interview after the game.

Ask by BT Sport how the players felt after the result, the Frenchman said: “Good question, I think we are all more than disappointed.

“It’s just a shame. I just hope everyone in the training room takes responsibility for the situation because it’s a shame.

“No, what more can I say about it?” Talk about the Sunday game [defeat to Arsenal], I think now is not the right time.

“The taste of defeat tonight is just more than painful, and we are all responsible for it.”

When asked if any of their losses in recent days hurt more, Lloris said the results are “a reflection of what’s going on at the club” and that the lack of “fundamentals” is “related” to broader issues.

Lloris reveals trust issues at Tottenham

Asked about his claims, he added: “No, I don’t need to go any further. It’s not possible… the way we play is just not enough, not enough.

“One thing is to come in front of the camera and say I’m ambitious; the other thing is to show every day in the training sessions, to show every time on the pitch, you can’t let it down if you play or not.

“Behaving as a team is the hardest thing in football, whatever the manager’s decision you have to go the team’s way. If you only follow the team when you are in the starting XI, it causes big problems for the team because you pay in a while, and you are going to pay in your season, and today is the consequence.

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“We had a great time in the past because we could trust the solidarity that reigned within the team. Today I don’t know, I’m not sure about that.

Spurs still have a shot at winning silver this season, but they have to beat Manchester City to win the Carabao Cup next month.

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