Hugo Lloris hints at civil unrest at Tottenham in hit post-match interview

Tottenham Hotspur captain Hugo Lloris was passionate in his assessment of Spurs’ Europa League loss to Dinamo Zagreb, saying the collapse was a reflection on ‘what’s going on at the club’.

Spurs held a 2-0 lead in the first leg of the last 16 games, but were beaten 3-0 by Dinamo in overtime on Thursday.

Lloris faced the BT Sport cameras after the game and didn’t mince words.

“I think we’re all more than disappointed. It’s just a shame. I just hope everyone in the locker room feels responsible for the situation because it’s a shame,” he began. .

“Now what more can I say about that? Talk about Sunday’s game? I think now is not the right time. The taste of defeat tonight is just more than painful and we are all in it. responsible.

“Obviously we are a club full of ambition, but I just think the team at the moment is just a reflection of what is going on at the club. We lack the basics, the fundamentals. And all performances are fair. . I think mentally we should be stronger, we should be more competitive. Today I did not feel that on the pitch unfortunately. When you are not ready at this level you pay straight away.

“The blame is on us. The whole team, the whole club, we are to blame.”

Lloris was asked to clarify his comments, and added: “I don’t have to go any further. It’s not possible. The way we play is just not enough. One thing is to come forward. the camera and say “I’m ambitious. The other thing is to show up every day in the workouts, on the field. You can’t drop it whether you’re playing or not.

“To behave as a team is the hardest thing in football. Whatever the manager’s decision, you have to go the way of the team. If you only follow the team when you are in the starting XI, this poses big problems for the team because you pay in an instant, you will pay in your season.

“Today I think it’s the consequence of that. We had a great time in the past because we could trust the unit that was in the squad. Today I don’t know , I’m not sure about that. “

Mislav Orsic
Mislav Orsic pulled off a hat-trick | Pixsell / MB Media / Getty Images

Spurs entered half-time in the second leg with their aggregate lead of two goals, but Dinamo made more chances and finally got back on track to tie in what will now be remembered as a night infamous for Tottenham.

“When we started to realize that we were having problems, it was too late,” admitted Lloris. “Confidence had returned to the Zagreb squad and the game got even more difficult. But that was the story of the game. It’s done, unfortunately we cannot change.

“It’s a shame on our part, and we can only feel sorry for the fans because every year they are full of hope and again this competition would mean a lot, but now we have to get back to basics on a routine and we fight again in the league to come back to this competition next season.

Harry kane
Harry Kane had a winner off the line before extra time | Jurij Kodrun / Getty Images

“I think we all belong to the team. Football is not about individual players. Just because two, three, four players are going to step up – it’s not enough, we need more than This is something that we have to understand. On the bench there is an influence to have, to push others… In training it’s the same, everyone must be ready to push and be ready to help the team when the time comes.

“It’s not just about staying inside and complaining, because in the end you have to respect the badge, that’s the most important. It’s on all the players in the place and we have to respect the badge. “

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