May 16, 2021

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Possible danger – Pogba swap deal?

Paul Pogba agent Mino Raiola has stated that there is a possibility of a swap agreement between his main and Real Madrid player, Eden Hazard.

According to Raiola, he said this could happen in the future.

Pogba’s future at Old Trafford has always given rise to controversy over transfers, as the French international remains linked with moves to Juventus and Real Madrid.

Eden Hazard has been out of action at Real Madrid since leaving Chelsea in 2019 and Los Blancos could be looking for funds to relieve him.

Raiola has admitted that it will be difficult for Los Blancos to sign a deal with Man United for his client this summer due to the nature of the market, but has speculated that a swap involving Hazard could be an option.

“And I do not want to make you young, because for Pogba it was always a really attractive opportunity to play in Madrid because of Zidane. He is Pogba’s childhood hero, ‚ÄĚRiola AS reports.

The agent stressed that he does not think nothing is impossible, but football depends on the day.

“What if Madrid want to change tomorrow, danger for Pogba. This is just an example. And all four parties like it, why not? He added.