May 9, 2021

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Inter deserves praise after the championship on Sunday

Official: Inter are the new champions of Italy.

Their status as the scudetto the winners have been well known for the past few months, but Atalanta’s dramatic 1-1 draw with Sassuolo on Sunday meant the Nerazzurri were ahead of all their opponents by four reserve games.

Antonio Conte and his players would probably prefer to win the league a lot while they are physically on the field – and over real supporters while we are on the subject – but they can celebrate with pride.

After all, they really won this title on the field, even if they were stolen by the emotions on the field, the last whistles of Atalanta’s inability to take three points. In fact, this title has been on Inter since we met it in 2021.

While all eyes were on the rise of the young and brave team from Milan, who had even defeated I Nerazzurri on their way to become winter champions, their city rivals were having a good time.

Conte’s men started the season in a frantic manner, desperate to demonstrate their attacking firepower, led by the deadly partnership of Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez. Inter scored nine goals in their first two games, but conceded five of their own as they struggled to find the balance their coach demanded.

There was also the ongoing drama surrounding the arrival of Christian Eriksen in January 2020, as Conte struggled to find any way to put him well into his 3-5-2 system. But even when those dental problems came to the fore, Inter continued to win.

The only spot in the notebook for 2020 was the defeat in the Milan derby, along with a shocking 2-2 draw with a country from Parma destined for decline. Besides, I Nerazzurri was practically flawless while playing some fast-paced and fun football on the road.

In this run, Inter focused on second place in 2021, but Conte smelled blood. It was after a disappointing defeat by Sampdoria and a disappointing draw with Roma that they turned the corner to become champions.

A decisive 2-0 victory over title rivals Juventus on 17 January launched a remarkable unbeaten streak of 14 wins in 17 games, where they conceded just six goals in that period – just one more than they conceded at the start. two week of the game.

How then did everything fall so perfectly in favor of Inter? Well, the players have just clicked the way all of Conte’s teams do when they all fit into his master plan in unison. The defense of Milan Scriniar, Stefan de Vries and Alessandro Bastoni was stingy, conceding just 29 goals in 34 games.

Everywhere, Ahraf Hakimi is the star of the show and demonstrates exactly why Conte insists the club spend a lot of money on the former Real Madrid defender. He even contributed with seven goals and as many assists in the league, making him one of the most prolific players in the country.

Conte’s biggest win of the season was finally finding a way to place Eriksen in the three-man midfield, and the team now looks significantly weaker when he is absent. This was noticeable in the 2-0 victory over Crotone, given that Inter took the lead minutes after the Dane came out of the bench.

It was an incredible turn in Eriksen’s career at Inter, which is talked about as a possible deviation in January, to now be a key component in this hard-working and creative midfield. Niccolo Barrela was the outstanding Serie A midfielder during this campaign, while Marcelo Brozovic won the league title that his performances over the past two or three years have earned.

At the top is the dynamic duo. Lukaku has taken his game to new levels this year, following his 2019/20 record to score another 21 goals in the league this campaign. The Belgian also made nine assists to his teammates, showing development in his overall performance.

Finally, there is Martinez. El Toro scored 15 and delivered eight in Serie A, which means that between them the pair has broken 36 of the 74 goals of I Nerazzurri – almost half. The depth of the team has helped them a lot, with likes Alexis Sanchez and Matteo Darmian acting as unmanned heroes, making vital contributions at key moments in the season.

It has to be said that this is a team effort from start to finish and it all stems from the relentless desire of their manager to end the Juve dynasty. Conte began the reign of terror at I Bianconeri in 2012, a spell in which the Turin giants lifted the Serie A title for nine years in a row.

But their days of domination are over, and it is only appropriate for the man who built it from scratch to now drive a bulldozer to it and demolish the fortress. Inter’s next search will be to defend its new crown and show improvement in Europe, but for now it’s time for a party.

You have been waiting for 11 years for this day for the fans of Nerazzuri, enjoy.