May 8, 2021

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F1 Portugal GP 2021: Mazepin’s Portugal GP nightmare: Called a ‘dumbass’, given a penalty point and lapped by a Williams


05/02/2021 –

IIt hasn’t been a good start to life in Formula 1 since Nikita mazepin, with Sunday Portuguese Grand Prix bringing more problems to the Russians.

the Haas The pilot first made international headlines in the off-season when he was caught on social media inappropriately groping a friend’s breasts. There were calls for him to lose his seat before he even had a run, but Haas supported the rookie, whose father sponsors the team through his company Uralchem.

When the season really started he finished last in Bahrain GP qualifying and 0.824 seconds behind his teammate. Mick schumacher, before crashing in the first lap of the race.

In Imola, it was not much better. The Russian was the slowest to qualify outside of Yuki tsunoda, which crashed. Then he was the last of the non-retired drivers to cross the finish line.

A terrible Portuguese GP for Mazepin

In the Portuguese Grand Prix, his problems worsened. In qualifying he had a blocking line with Nicolas latifi and was called “stupid” by the Williams driver.

In the race, however, Mazepin finished behind both Williams cars and was even run in by one of them, that of George russell. For the final laps of the Portuguese Grand Prix, he was up to 50 seconds behind the nearest car.

This significated Mazepinof Haas has been awarded time and time again by other pilots, but the Russian embarrassed Sergio PerezThe Mexican’s car was racing ahead and it almost caused a collision. Although Perez escaped unscathed, he wasted time in this battle and Mazepin was punished with a penalty point.

So bad was Mazepin in this race, a group of F1 fans on social media even organized a campaign to try to ironically vote him as the driver of the day. Either they did not get enough votes behind the campaign, or F1 rejected Russia’s candidacy, as this honor was given to Perez.

For most fans, Mazepin was the worst driver of the day and the worst they have seen in quite some time.