May 8, 2021

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Sarah Zadrazil’s great shot against the crossbar against Chelsea

A quick look at the minutes and you would think that there is nothing too remarkable in Sarah Zadrazil’s goal for Bayern Munich in their semi-final defeat by Chelsea in the Women’s Champions League.

He scored just over half an hour ago, tying the score at 1-1 “at night” – yes, we know the game is played at noon – as well as Die Roten’s 3-2 draw from the front as a whole. On a full-time basis, however, Zadrazil’s contribution was made redundant by goals from Ji So-yun, Pernil Harder and finally Fran Kirby, who also grabbed the Blues’ opener.

However, not only the importance of the goal makes it memorable. Some of the best shots of all time mean absolutely nothing in the games in which they are scored.

Zadrazil’s efforts on Sunday afternoon fit very well into this category.

The goal started with the worst nightmare of all supporters – a short angle. Bayern’s routine seemed doomed to fail like so many “too smart for their own good” efforts before Chelsea cleared the delayed centering without difficulty.

Then the ball bubbled innocently far enough from the goal, and Zadrazil waited about 25 yards.
Opening her body, she gently stroked the ball on her right leg. What happened next was anything but delicate.

Fran Kirby, Sarah Irritated
Teasing in pursuit of Fran Kirby after her goal Catherine Iville / Getty images

Taking a few lightning-fast steps to tune in perfectly, Irritated unleashed a ridiculous immersive half-volley. From the moment he left her boot, she looked special, and the usually flawless Anne-Catherine Berger didn’t stand a chance. For extra style points, the ball trims the crossbar as it enters, taking the blow into the god’s territory.

Full evaluations for the celebrations as well. Everyone got involved with a number of ecstatic red shirts sprinting after the equally euphoric Zadrazil.

Chelsea may have won the match and the draw, but the unstoppable efforts of the Austrian mean that Bayern must at least take a consolation goal of the trophy in the summer.