May 11, 2021

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Man Utd fans have had enough and the protests are just the beginning – Keane

Roy Keane believes Manchester United fans are “fed up” and has predicted further protests after Sunday’s game against Liverpool was postponed due to scenes at Old Trafford and the city.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side were due to face the defending Premier League champions at home at 4.30 p.m. local time but the kick-off was delayed due to protests against the club’s owners, the Glazer family.

After the protesters gathered outside the ground, some were given access to Old Trafford and entered the pitch, while others gathered outside the Lowry Hotel where the United team are staying before games home.

About an hour after the start of the match, United announced that it had been postponed “for reasons of safety and security around the event”. The clubs will agree on a new date with the Premier League.

United fans have long vehemently opposed ownership of Glazer due to the significant levels of debt added to the club following their leveraged buyout in 2005, but the failed attempt by the Red Devils and ‘Six big ” of the Premier League to join a European breakaway. The Super League has fueled animosity in recent weeks.

While the Super League seems dead in the water for now after all six English clubs withdrew from the plans, anger towards executives such as the Glazers and Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has hardly abated among the supporters.

Former United captain Keane believes Sunday’s protests were just the start, telling Sky Sports: “United fans have had enough and they do it because they love the club.

“It’s not just the result of what has happened in the last two weeks with the Super League… it has been building for several years. They have come to the end and feel that is enough. It’s a huge statement for the game to be called off.

“There was a rise in tension, whether it was ticketing, poor communication, things going on in the background.

“The leadership of the club has not been good enough. When they look at the owners it feels like it’s just about making money. United fans watched the Glazers and thought ‘enough is enough’.

“They do it because they love the club. Some people won’t agree with this, but sometimes you have to put a marker in to get people to notice it.

“It will be happening all over the world, and I hope the owners of Manchester United will sit down and take note. These fans are extremely serious and there is more to come, and this is just the start from United fans – I guarantee that.

Former captain Gary Neville, who was critical of the proposed Super League roster, said: “I think this is a warning to the owners of the football club that ultimately they will not accept what they have done. . the last two weeks.

“Beyond today, it should be about reform. Protesting is the right of every person in this country, we must keep it, but beyond today it is about making sure that supporters across the country come together to ensure that there is a reform in English football, or else [these protests] will be a waste of time.

“There are people protesting in London today against the government trying to stop the protests! We have to allow protests, but there is always a risk that there will be a tipping point because there will always be one or two people who may have had a drink, they may come just to be upset , or maybe they will come for ulterior motives. It will always happen.

“The reality is that what happened two weeks ago brought United’s fan base back to life. It brought them back to life.

“Fifteen years ago there were a lot of fans who were upset, and everyone I talk to is absolutely disgusted with what happened a fortnight ago. United were leading this thing, as were Liverpool two weeks ago. They are the biggest clubs in this country. “