May 8, 2021

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Graham Sunes hits Manchester United fans who “could cost someone their lives”

Graham Sunes hit Manchester United fans with a bit of a bizarre noise, claiming he could have killed someone at today’s protest.

Apparently, the scientist was not impressed by the antics of some of the Manchester United supporters present, hitting those who threw rockets and cans of beer.

A huge number of United fans showed up at Old Trafford in protest against the Glaziers, the extremely unpopular owners of the Red Devils, and this even led to a storming of the pitch.

The game was surprisingly postponed due to the huge demonstration that took place, but Souness was obviously slightly shaken by the events he witnessed, with an outburst approaching him.

After a long speech, Sounes made it clear that such things are not funny, although you should wonder if he focuses too much on the behavior of a few individuals who have taken things too far.

“Let’s not get involved, let’s all get around this, let’s be honest: someone has sensed this point today. “If it had hit any of us, we would have been in the hospital, permanently frightened on one side of our face wherever it hit,” Sunes was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

“So this is not a funny situation. Someone threw a full can of beer at us. Again, this puts you in the wrong place, which can even kill you.

“So, let’s not get involved, let’s not eavesdrop on the situation and the reality in it. This is unacceptable. Something happened there to postpone this game.

“Forget us. We are used to it, as you played, as I played, we are used to it. Shout as much as you abuse.

“But that goes beyond what is acceptable. A burning torch! And if you want to take a camera down there [points beneath stage] you will see that he was hit from below on the stage we are standing on, and then he dropped and burned a great big hole in the tarpaulin down there.

“Torch – do you remember that a child was killed by a torch in Cardiff a few years ago? You can’t underestimate it.

“I do not criticize the supporters of Man United, because as always – whether it is racial [protests] or something else – there is always an idiot. So I do not criticize Man United supporters en masse. But this [the flare] you can’t underestimate that.

“Because it would mark someone forever for life.” They would carry this scar with them for the rest of their lives if it hit them on the back of the head, the head, anywhere. Or a beer can, a full beer can, hits you on the side of the head, on the temple.

“I feel like we’re sitting here and saying, ‘Yes, this is a demonstration, it’s only right that they demonstrated,’ but there was a village idiot there who could have cost someone’s life today.”