May 16, 2021

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Clash between Liverpool and Man United ‘for safety reasons’

Liverpool’s Premier League ties with Manchester United have been officially delayed “for security reasons” with a new kickoff time yet to be specified.

This update comes from BBC Sport following news that a number of Red Devils supporters have infiltrated Old Trafford to hold protests against the Glazers.

Fans across the Premier League are left furious after an attempt by the Glazers and the other ‘big six’ owners to form a closed Super League, with the demonstrations at the Dreams Theater being the latest in what are likely to be a series of public outbursts of dissatisfaction.

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Given how fans have become more and more insignificant in their clubs, at least as far as they see them at the top, with the European Super League the latest PR disaster indicating how poorly fans are valued, the resulting outburst of frustration more than understandable.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the planned meeting between the Spirit of Shankly support group and Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan, where FSG are likely to keep an eye on the protests in Manchester.

Ideally, we would very much like to see fans’ concerns recognized and taken into account in future decision-making, at least with some integration of board-level supporters in the long run.

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