May 10, 2021

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Bruno Fernandez in a fierce dispute at Manchester United

Still alive in the Europa League and, if all goes well in his last few games of the season, destined to finish second in the Premier League, Manchester United have a decent season when everything is said and done.

During all the Ole out calls, the Norwegian did remarkably well, and if he gets the tools to do the job in terms of transfer costs over the summer, there is no reason why no further improvements can be made.

One of his most successful purchases so far is Bruno Fernandez. The Portuguese midfielder was a revelation at Old Trafford and the main reason why silverware remains on the table at the moment.

However, Bruno revealed a furious order that divided the locker room and this is what every football fan would surely have discussed at one time or another.

“They [Fred and Telles] always talk about who is the best player in the world, in history, blah, blah … “, said the player on the official website of Manchester United.

“We always fight because they say Pele was the best in the history of football and I talk and put Cristiano in the middle, of course.

“For me, Cristiano and [Lionel] I always say, Messi both made history for many years and have been able to be on top for many years.

“And, of course, just like me, they’ve never seen Pele play, so they can’t say he was the best because they’ve never seen him. They say it because they are Brazilians, and in Brazil they say it.

“I think Pele is one of the best in the world because I hear people talking about him and I’ve seen history and videos, and you watch and everyone can see [Diego] Maradona, Eusebio and the people speak of Pele as the best of all time.

“We always talk about Rivaldo and Figo and who is the best. Who was the worst and who was the best.

“So for me as a Portuguese I always defend my players. It doesn’t matter if I like them or not, I defend the Portuguese players every time.

“So this is a battle between Brazilians and Portuguese, but it’s more of a joke than other things.”

Fortunately for the Red Devils, the dispute is nothing serious and it seems that the players will just have to agree not to agree on this one.