Manchester United fans list demands after Old Trafford protests

Manchester United fans have made it clear what they expect from the Glazer family and revealed the only way the protests will end.

Sunday’s planned protest drew worldwide attention as supporters forced the postponement of England’s biggest football game at United against Liverpool.

Players and staff were forced to stay inside their hotel and were caught watching fans raise their voices at Old Trafford.

Some supporters stormed the pitch as well, but the protests were largely peaceful and many felt their goal for the day had been achieved.

However, their long-term goals have yet to be met and so they made sure the Glazer family knew exactly what their terms were on paper.

The outrage was initially caused by the club’s horrific decision to be part of the highly doomed European Super League, but it quickly started a fire to completely overhaul the club’s ownership.

The contempt of fans for the Glazer family and Executive Vice President Ed Woodward has been well documented and discussed at length.

Fans are finally fed up and not content with Woodward’s resignation and want United owners to either quit or cede control in terms of shares.

Time will tell if the Cave of the Glazers or not, but it is nonetheless important to list the requests and make the voices of the fans heard.

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