May 16, 2021

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Man Utd risk reduction of three points in relation to canceled match

On Sunday, Man Utd were supposed to host Liverpool in the Premier League, but the match had to be postponed due to insufficient security.

This comes after over 200 Man Utd fans gained access to the stadium and demanded that the club owner, the Glazer family, be removed.

This only action from the protesters could see Man Utd lose 3 points to Liverpool, according to the Mirror UK.

According to the FA’s rulebook in section 8.3.4, it is stated that Manchester United could be found to have been to blame for the match not going ahead and see Liverpool award three points.

It reads: “In the event that a match is abandoned due to the conduct of a club or its members or supporters, the board has the power to order that the match not be played again and award either one or three points to the club, not . error.

“It can not impose a financial sanction because of a club.”

The report added, however, that due to the fact that the police were among those making the decision that the match could not continue, the Premier League would declare that the decision was not up to the Red Devils.