May 18, 2021

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Manchester United can be deducted for points after the Liverpool clash broke off

Manchester United could be deducted points after failing to secure at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon.

A few hundred home fans were given access to the stadium’s pitch and the match was eventually canceled – a joint decision by both Liverpool, the Red Devils and the GM police.

Daily Mail report United could get a points deduction after the clash could not be played as planned.

Referring to the Premier League’s handbook, it is claimed that the Red Devils could be hit with sanctions from the game’s authorities – deducting points is one of them.

Many Manchester United fans have protested against the ownership of the club since the proposal for the European ‘Super League’

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For what it’s worth, we in Empire of the Kop would be surprised if Man United were punished in any way.

While it is possible, it seems to be somewhat tough as it was a joint decision made by all parties involved and not just the home team that did not host the fixture.

If Liverpool had pushed for the game to continue and United refused, as we saw with Juventus and Napoli in Serie A earlier this season, there could be some reason there – but that’s not what happened.