Manchester United fans stuck between a rock and a hard place

Manchester United fans have issued two official statements in response to their protests: one from the club and one from the Premier League.

Fans have come to Old Trafford to make their voices heard as they seek to get rid of the club’s owners, the Glazer family.

United fans were not happy with United’s decision to participate in the criticized European Super League and anger towards the owners had been felt since they took over.

It was only a matter of time before fan fury exploded, which culminated in the protest in Manchester which forced the game against Liverpool to postpone the game.

The Red Devils have released a statement that is woefully muffled and likely to only infiltrate fans further.

The purpose of the protest was to disrupt things in an effort to force the Glazers’ hand, so it wasn’t too smart to brand some fans as criminals and seek to ban them.

The club have also claimed that they will continue to dialogue and engage with supporters, but only through the appropriate channels, which likely means they will always be ignored.

Meanwhile, the Premier League was looking to protect its own future rather than support the fans who have helped bring their own clubs under control after widespread dislike.

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