FC Barcelona – La Liga: Koeman celebrates his good health on social media

Ronald koeman took to social media on Monday to express gratitude for overcoming her health issues a year after undergoing emergency surgery for a heart problem.

The Dutch coach underwent a successful heart catheterization after being taken to an Amsterdam hospital due to pain in his chest.

“Exactly a year ago that bike ride ended badly and I had a heart procedure,” Koeman wrote on Twitter. “Now I am healthy and happy!”

Family health history

Several months after his operation, Koeman explained in an interview with RTL Beau what happened the day he had to be hospitalized.

“I had a heart attack and went to the hospital urgently,” recalls Koeman.

“My central coronary artery was blocked and another had been stretched. I had two stents put inside me.

“Looking back, I realize how lucky I was. My father died of a heart attack at the age of 75.

“It’s a family disease. I cycled 96 kilometers with a friend and came home exhausted. At rest, my chest hurt.

“I started to sweat and turned very white. Luckily my wife was home and we called the emergency services and they took immediate action.”

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