Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah has gone brown because of a heart problem

(Photo by Robin Alam / Icon Sportswire)

The Cleveland Browns are thrilled they were able to draft Jeremiah Osuwu-Koramoah in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

The simulated drafts involved JOK in the first round; however, as he fell, the Browns went from 59th to 52nd to have him.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported today that JOK had a minor heart problem revealed late in the due diligence of the drafting process, which apparently raised red flags for some teams.

Details of the heart problem are not known, but most importantly, the doctors ruled out JOK.

JOK’s skill set

JOK brings the speed and versatility that are universal characteristics among the Browns’ free agent signings and draft picks.

His Notre Dame defensive coordinator Clark Lea praised JOK with high praise last fall.

Lea said:

“I think it’s the evolution of the game to the second level. I think he’s exactly the kind of guy that we see becoming more relevant and more coveted, both in college and in the pros… With “Wu”, when I watch this tape, you see explosive athleticism all over the place. . Defensively he’s doing so much on this movie, but there are times he’s so explosive through the line of scrimmage and I’m speaking as a linebacker. Now he’s playing the rover for us, which is basically like a nickel position, and that kind of folds into a different skill set. I was so impressed with his second-tier linebacker movie. The way he found windows on the ball, the way he accelerated in a bent position, it completely separated him… ”

General Manager Andrew Berry was happy to have JOK

Berry was asked about the JOK writing process.

He described the anxiety in the Browns’ draft room when the second round picks were announced, and JOK continued to stay on the board.

Berry said:

“We probably had a building of 30 people, all pacing together.”

He added:

“We certainly didn’t expect him to be there when he was, but we’re lucky he was and we think he’s going to add something to our squad.

Asked about the heart problem, Berry seemed indifferent.

He said:

“No, he didn’t run a 40 on his pro day, and we knew he was a little squeamish, but he did a different job on his pro day. No, there is nothing that would stop him from moving forward with us … I can’t begin to speculate what brought him down I guess, but I can say we were very medically comfortable with him.

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