Need a DOF in Sheffield Wednesday

In an exclusive interview with Football FanCast, former Sheffield midfielder Wednesday Carlton Palmer has criticized Dajon Chansiri for his decision not to hire a football director.

The owner of Sheffield Wednesday recently reiterated to the fans’ commitment that he has no intention of appointing a football director, who is adamant that the manager should have the last word on the recruitment.

With the management carousel taking place in Hillsborough this season, however, some may wonder if it makes sense to give the manager full control over transfers when he can be shown at the door next month.

Do you need a football director on Wednesday?




On the subject, Palmer said FFC:

„З.e watch out repeating he no want to take a director on football. He has thrown a lot of money at the football club and is on the verge of being relegated to the Premier League when he should have been in the Premier League. And he says he doesn’t want a football director at the football club? That says it all.

“As far away such as I am worried whoever it is is counseling him … I’m not fucking the chairman. I am saddened that I do not support the President and anything, but I am just a realist and I call him what he is.

“He has invested a lot of money in the football club, for which there can be no dispute. But he has been poorly advised, therefore, why Sheffield Wednesdays are in the position they are in this season. “

As things stand, Wednesday will lose a bunch of players this summer due to expiring contracts.

This means that a major restoration work may need to be done in Hillsborough before the start of next season, so perhaps the arrival of a football director would be helpful.

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