May 16, 2021

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Glazers oppose pressure to sell Manchester United

The Glazers are ready to resist the pressure to sell Manchester United and focus on turning the club into a $ 10 billion business, according to the Guardian.

The anger of Manchester United fans towards their owners after the fiasco of the European Super League reached a boiling point on Sunday, as the protesters stormed the field at Old Trafford and forced the proposed clash with Liverpool to be postponed.

Loyal to the Red Devils, although some of their actions were unacceptable and dangerous, they certainly sent a message to the owners of the club – we do not want you to be here and we will not throw in the towel until you leave.

Unfortunately for those who want to see the Glazers at the door, the Guardian does not believe they have any intention of selling the club, but will stay and try to increase Man United’s valuation to $ 10 billion.

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The Glazers are not considered in a hurry to sell Manchester United.

This news will be hard on the stomach for believers at Manchester United, who will certainly hope that the Glazers are simply reluctant to show any willingness to sell for fear of losing a bargaining power that they choose to do.

The unprecedented scenes that took place on Sunday could only be the tip of the iceberg if the Glazers ignore supporters’ calls to sell and continue as usual.

This precarious situation is far from over …