May 8, 2021

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Liverpool join FA in call for government action against social media abuse – Liverpool FC

The Football Association called on the government to introduce legislation to force social media companies to do more to stop online abuse.

Following a four-day boycott that saw soccer organizations, clubs, players, other sports stars, big business and the media fall silent in protest, the campaign has now begun to bring significant changes.

An FA statement, also issued by England captain Harry Kane, said the social media boycott was intended to “demonstrate our collective anger. But that won’t eliminate abuse on its own.

“We will continue to challenge social media companies to make changes to their platforms, urge the government to quickly introduce strong legislation, and ask individuals to call and report online abuse when ‘they see it. “

The Premier League, EFL and all member clubs have all called on social media companies to take definitive action to end all forms of abuse.

“English football, sports organizations and people around the world united this weekend to boycott social media, urging platforms to do more to end discriminatory abuse online,” a statement said.

“We are now calling on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to use their power to make a difference and ensure that there are concrete sanctions for hate online.

“We invite these social media companies to respond to our requests for action.”