May 16, 2021

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Barcelona | Transfer Market: UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules make Neymar’s dream almost impossible

Ta few days ago there were articles in the Catalan press according to which Barcelona had contacted Paris Saint Germain on the possible return of Neymar.

If this is true, it would be BarcelonaThe second attempt to re-sign the striker after the two clubs failed to agree on terms in 2019.

Even if PSG would be in advanced talks with Neymar regarding a contract renewal, the Brazilian has still not signed on the dotted line, allowing Barcelona to keep a glimmer of hope that he will return to Catalonia.

However, should Neymar do not renew with PSG, not only Barcelona must find the funds that PSG would require, but there would also be another obstacle in the form of UEFA Financial Fair Play Rules.

Barcelona are currently heavily in debt and are expected to be up to 1.173 billion euros, including 730 million euros in short-term debt, according to a report provided by the previous council, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The current situation which Barcelona would find themselves raising questions about the possibility of signing both Neymar and renewal of Lionel Messi’s contract without breaking the rules of financial fair play.

Barcelona are already in hot water after being one of the clubs in the failed European Super League project, which Joan laporta knew it would be a potential cash cow.

For this dream to keep Messi and bringing Neymar back to the club to arrive, Barcelona should try to sell some of their highest income, such as Antoine Griezmann, Samuel umtiti and Philippe Coutinho.

PSGsports director of, Leonardo, confirmed that an agreement had been reached between the club and Neymar, the player also specifying before the first leg of the semi-final of the Champions League against Manchester City that he will be a PSG player next year.

There is also a legal obstacle that both parties – Neymar and Barcelona – would have to overcome if the 29-year-old decides to return to Catalonia.

The legal dispute claims that the Blaugrana duty Neymar 44 million euros following the last contract he signed with the club in 2016, with NeymarThe lawyers for the company decided to chase the money.