UEFA confirms that the size of the Euro 2020 teams will be increased to 26

UEFA has confirmed that national team managers will be allowed to nominate 26 players in their squad for the European Championship this summer, instead of the usual 23.

With the cut domestic seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced last season to prevail, many managers have demanded that UEFA allow them to bring in more players in euros to help manage workloads and avoid injuries.

Their requests have been answered, and UEFA has confirmed on its official website that each national team can take three additional players to the tournament, but managers will still be limited to 23 for each team in the team.

“In order to reduce the risks of teams facing a shortage of available players for certain matches due to possible positive results of COVID-19 tests and subsequent quarantine measures ordered by the competent authorities, it was decided to increase the list of players for all participants. teams up to 26 players, “reads a statement.

“However, 23 players must remain the maximum number allowed in the match list for each individual match (in accordance with IFAB Law 3 of the game laws, allowing a maximum of 12 substitutes for national team matches), including three goalkeepers. “

Managers will have until June 1 to submit their team rosters, after which they will be allowed to make unlimited replacements to their teams in case of serious illness or injury before the first match, including players who test positive for COVID-19 or are forced isolation after close contact with a positive case.

For outside players, the list of players must be finalized before the start of the tournament, but there is an exception for goalkeepers who can be replaced at any time if they are physically unable to play.

Crucially, once a player is withdrawn from the competition, he may not return and must be left off the substitute list.

Gareth Southgate
The news facilitates the work of Gareth Southgate Catherine Iville / Getty images

The news will come as a huge blessing to managers this summer, many of whom face the almost impossible task of reducing their team to the required size.

The dilemma facing English boss Gareth Southgate was well publicized. Reducing his team to 23 players would be difficult, but with 26 players already allowed, such as the Aston Villa duo Jack Grillish and Olli Watkins, they now have a better chance of making the cut.

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