May 10, 2021

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Former Manchester United star Chadwick believes the Glazers will sell the club

Former Manchester United midfielder Luke Chadwick claims the Glaziers have reached a “point of no return” at Old Trafford following Sunday’s protests that delayed the clash with Liverpool.

Supporters of Manchester United, demonstrating in front of their home stadium on Sunday afternoon, expressed their feelings against their property, first peacefully, with emotions that eventually boiled over on the field.

Fans were spotted marching through the grass at Old Trafford after gaining access to the stadium, and Manchester United against Liverpool was eventually postponed to a later date.

The unfolding scenes do not look like anything we have ever seen, and the consequences of the fiasco of the European Super League continue to be the dominant news in football at the moment.

“I think a lot has been done by him and rightly so, that’s great news,” said former Manchester United midfielder Luke Chadwick. CaughtOffside“I never knew that before, the game is stopped because of protests.”

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Fans’ protests before Man United against Liverpool led to a postponement of the match.

“The disappointment was in 2005, when the Glaziers took power, 16 years ago. There were mass protests then, Chadwick continued. “I think things have moved forward, but I don’t think they’ve ever really been accepted for what they did and the reasons for coming into Manchester United and taking over.”

“They really haven’t been seen in the club in years. I think the whole situation in the Super League really boiled over, the lack of communication with the fans, the players, the management team, nobody knew about it, and I think that really pushed things now and it’s time to come back. “

Manchester United vs. Liverpool at Old Trafford is perhaps the biggest competition in the league in English football, so the contempt of Manchester United fans for their owners, leading to the postponement of the game, is a huge statement.

After all, it is difficult to decipher the feeling within the boardroom, as club owners, and in particular Glazers, are almost ghostly, in their absence from sight.

However, Chadwick when asked CaughtOffside Does he believe that the growing pressure from the fans will lead to the sale of the “Glazers” to Manchester United, answered: “I think I should”

“It’s interesting to see what the reaction will be and to whom it will be sold,” Chadwick continued. Football is a huge business, there is a lot of money invested, so it will be interesting to see who will take it, if it comes to that, and whether there will be any difference in doing it on the Glazers to reassure fans . “

Glazers came out of the protest of Manchester United fans

Chadwick believes the change could come to Man United.

“I think Ed Woodward’s departure is a huge sign that change is in the air, he’s been at the club for a long time and I think all the criticism may have been directed at him and the whole Super League debate has come to an end.”

“Manchester United look like a poisonous place at the moment from the point of view of what is happening and I think that for the good of all the Glazers will retire and earn huge money from the sale of the football club.”

Manchester United fans, hoping to see the Glazers leave the club forever, will hope that Chadwick’s predictions are proven correct.

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