May 16, 2021

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Barcelona will win extra payments from Rafinha, while PSG makes the UCL semifinals

Almost every team in world football is starting to fight for finances right now, so any extra income or revenue will always be welcome.

Barcelona allowed midfielder Rafinha to join PSG last summer for a minimal fee, as it became clear that he would not play regularly, but some clauses were included in this deal.

One of the additional payments will be triggered if PSG reaches the semi-finals of the Champions League and it is confirmed that Barça will invest around 1.5 million euros as a result:

It has been confirmed that the same amount will be paid again next year if Parisians reach the same stage, while Barça will also win 35% of the next fee if sold.

Rafinha was largely PSG’s substitute in the race this season, as his eight appearances saw him only play a total of 123 minutes, but he is available for selection tonight as they try to undo their first defeat by Mann. You are.

The money will be a boost for Barça when you consider how much debt they are in, but you can be sure that they would gladly give it up in exchange for a victory over PSG earlier in the race.