May 18, 2021

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David Lewis’ agent is looking to secure an exit from Arsenal this summer

The club will often make big decisions about the future of a veteran player, but if they are not going to be a regular game on the field, then there is no point in keeping them.

David Lewis is widely rumored to have a big influence in Arsenal’s locker room and his leadership is important to the team, but he is getting older and it would make sense to give playing time to someone like William Saliba.

Louise has no contract over the summer and there are still no signs of an extension, while CBS reports that she now appears ready to leave.

Its representatives believe that a new deal is unlikely to be offered, so they have started contacting other countries in an attempt to secure a deal elsewhere.

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Lazio and Serie A MLS have been highlighted as possible destinations, but it could also be a tactic to force Arsenal to make a decision.

They say he currently earns about $ 140,000 a week at Arsenal, so he will certainly have to undertake a huge pay cut to secure an extension, and now it looks like he may be on his way this summer.