Euro 2020: UEFA announces emergency rules for Covid-19

The Union of European Football Associations said on Tuesday that teams affected by cases of COVID-19 or by a mandatory quarantine at the European Championship may have their matches postponed for up to 48 hours to welcome new players.

UEFA has published additional rules for the tournament from June 11 to July 11, including increasing the size of teams from 23 players to 26 to help teams deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Euro 2020 is expected to play 51 games in 31 days with a few days available as backups. Matches will be played according to the schedule if each team has at least 13 players, including a goalkeeper, available for selection.

UEFA said teams with fewer than 13 players could have their match “rescheduled within 48 hours of the relevant match date” and possibly at another location.

“Any additional player called in to meet the 13-player minimum requires an equivalent number of quarantined players to be permanently removed from the 26-player list,” the European football body said.

The team responsible for an undisputed match will lose it 3-0 and the national federation will face disciplinary action from UEFA.

The emergency rules are similar to those applied by UEFA this season in its club competitions and in the Nations League, and maintained in several appeals to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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Euro 2020 is played with 24 teams in 11 European cities, with at least 25% of the stadium’s capacity having to be available for all matches.

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