May 8, 2021

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry praises West Ham striker Michael Antonio

West Ham have gained a lot of new fans this season and it seems that the legendary Arsenal striker Thierry Henry is the last to notice how impressive they were.

Strikers who usually praise praise are the ones who score 25+ goals per season or who can create a moment of magic, but sometimes those who set the tone and do everything work have to accept that praise.

It’s incredibly noticeable when Michael Antonio is missing from West Ham and they don’t have anyone like him who can play the role of substitute, while he was also one of the main reasons for their victory last night.

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Henry talks about his performance during his training for Sky Sports and it is clear how impressed he was:

He is infected. He works hard every time. When you play with someone like that and see him fight for everything. More time he will score for you. If he didn’t get so many injuries this season, maybe they would be even higher, who knows? “

Champions League football is still very possible next season, as the hammers are just three points behind Chelsea, who have to travel to face Man City at the weekend, and Michael Antonio, who plays well, will be great. reason for this to happen if they succeed.