May 10, 2021

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Manchester United owners the Glazers aren’t going anywhere

Manchester United fans’ worst nightmare seems to be about to come true as the Glazer family have been around for a long time.

Supporters have recently protested in large numbers against the controversial family’s property and many want to see them disappear.

United’s decision to take part in the despicable European Super League prompted a massive backlash from fans which led to the resignation of Executive Vice President Ed Woodward.

However, supporters are not satisfied with that either and are now looking to remove the Glazers or force them to allow supporters to own a majority stake in the club.

The 50 + 1 club business model the Bundesliga employs has seen fans in Manchester and the UK push for a similar system to be implemented.

According to The Guardian, the Glazers have no plans to sell the Red Devils and instead are determined to meet their long-term goal of at least doubling the club’s current £ 3bn valuation to around 7bn of pounds sterling.

Even if the Glazers succeed in their ambitions, Manchester United fans will not be happy with their ownership.

The problem has never been how much money the club makes, but rather how they run the club, steal its resources and never spend their own money.