The Real Madrid star revealed that Chelsea’s game made him “lose sleep”

Real Madrid midfielder Tony Kroos has admitted that the prospect of playing against Chelsea has made him “lose sleep”.

The first match of the semi-finals of the Champions League last week saw the hosts of Los Blancos “Thomas Tuhels” in what turned out to be a completely captivating match.

Although it was the better side all the time, Real Madrid did well to come out relatively unharmed and completely at 1-1.

A goal in the first half by the wide player Christian Pulisic would undoubtedly cause immediate concern, as the Blues continued to pose a greater threat.

However, with the fast approaching rematch this week, midfielder Kroos revealed how heavy the Premier League equipment is.

In a speech to reporters, the winner of the German World Cup hailed Chelsea’s ability to defend as a team, but also to attack quickly.

With the help of fast-paced strikers such as Pulisic and Timo Werner, Chelsea have managed to reveal Real Madrid more than once and Kroos believes that this is their deadliest attribute.

On Wednesday night, the two will clash again, but after the decisive goal for the guests of London last week, Real Madrid knows that they will have to score at least once without an answer if they have a chance to reach the famous final this season.

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